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Feel Free to Contact Us for Advice!

One thing that we hoped this blog might do is give other people who do the Black to Black ride some tips on how to accomplish the fantastic trek. We know that we gave the blog address to other cyclists en route and that some had dreamed of the trip but were worried about path conditions, general safety, wild dogs, etc. Hopefully our blog encourages you all to get all the way to the Black Sea!

We definitely learned a lot and would be happy to give our advice and suggestions to anyone interested. Sometimes our lessons were through trial by fire like when Ezra fretted over whether his bike box would actually fit through the cargo doors of a very small plane between Brussels and Stuttgart.

Packed Bicycle on the Way to Germany

Lufthansa Airplane for the Flight between Brussels and Stuttgart

If you do happen to be going on a cycling tour along the Danube (or anywhere else for that matter) and have come across this blog, please feel free to contact us (via comment) if you want to know anything about our trip. Need advise on how to disassemble and reassemble a bicycle? We learned decent techniques. Where do you get bike box once your done? It’s not an insurmountable task. How do you get the bike to Bucharest from Constanta and then to the airport? Maybe this photo will help give you an idea.

Packed Bicycle on the Way to Canada

And for those of you worried about road conditions, they’re not all like this post-Budapest:

Welcome to the Danger Zone!



A Short Ride Down Sentimental Alley

For any of those that are interested, just to prove myself and Tom took the Taratino from Lands End To John O’Groats in 2007 I’ve uploaded a few select pictures from the journey. Not included are many of the lovely beer gardens we frequented on route although a cheeky one of the eagle and child beer garden (that doesn’t really do it justice!)  is in the bunch.

Just flicking through these pictures reminded me of two things that are going to hit home during the ensuing journey down the Danube:

1) There is genuinely no better way to travel around a country (if time permits) that via pedal power. Progress is made in a timely fashion whilst an appreciation of the great outdoors is garnered that is simple not possible when rocketing through powered by the good old combustion engine.

2) This is going to be unbelievably hard work! The screaming thighs (incidentally a good name for a metal band i reckon), the dehydration, the fatigue and the breakdown trauma make this one hell of a challenge!

Bring it on.


Woody at the Severn Bridge

Tom at the Severn Bridge

Start Line!

The End!

Scottish Hills




Eagle and Child Beer Garden

Busted Bike

Tom and Ezra Anton in Los Angeles

Tom and Ezra stop to rest and take photos at Venice Beach

Tom and Ezra Anton in Seattle

Flintstones Style

Tom and Anton cycling through Seattle Center Park