The Forest to the Sea

About Us

Tom and Woody are both from England near Manchester but didn’t meet until their first year of university at Leeds. They quickly became close friends from living in the same flat, drinking at Leeds’ watering holes and interests in being pretty cool geeks.

Ezra Anton was growing up in northern Utah at the same time and attended University of British Columbia in Canada as Tom and Woody became friends. He met Tom in his third year during an academic learning exchange in Puebla, Mexico. They quickly bonded for similar reasons to Tom and Woody’s close friendship.

After university, Tom and Woody stayed close despite Tom moving to Spain (and later Austria) to teach English and Woody pursuing a Masters and Doctorate degree in biochemistry at Liverpool University. They first toured via tandem bicycle in 2007 when they rode Tarantino from Land’s End (the southernmost tip of England) to John O’Groats (the northernmost tip of Scotland) in 17 days while raising money for Parkinson’s Disease.

Ezra Anton always kept in touch with Tom via e-mail and met up with Woody for second time during a visit to Europe in the winter of 2008. Over lunch in Liverpool the idea for Black to Black was born. The idea simmered for over two years and became a reality in 2011 when the boys embarked from Germany with the beaches of Romania in mind. This time around they raised funds for pulmonary fibrosis research in memory and honor of Ezra Anton’s mother who passed away the previous year from the disease.