The Forest to the Sea

Musical moments and the kings of Faff



Been a while since I posted my musing on the journey so far, mainly due to my inability to keep up with modern technology meaning using an iPhone is about as efficient as sending each post individually by carrier pigeon to the 3 people that are probably reading this. Anyway, since the last rendition we’ve visited no fewer than 5 countries, 4 of which were new points of call for this sore cyclist.


Rather than bore you to death with the details of the astounding beauty we’ve been passing along the way I’ll just share a few of my personal highlights:

Watching Anton boogie with the best of them on stage with Ojos De Brujo’s gig at Kremms in Austria before limping back to the hostel as if he’d been victim of a particularly stringent airport security staff check.

Crossing the none existent border into Slovakia to then experience the aesthetically pleasing 48 hours of my life. Not to want to seem shallow in any way shape or form I feel as though as the only single member of the trio it is my obligation, nay duty, to mention the ridiculous numbers of outrageously attractive women seem to swan around that lovely country. They.Are.Everywhere. From ridiculous to sublime we certainly all enjoyed a lunchtime cool off on one day at a local swimming spot where clothing appeared to be more optional than at your local community pool. Enough said. The Slovakian town of Gabicovo also provided an excellent drinking hole, only 3 beers to the good did we realise that we were supping on 10% ales that made the cool local bars all the more entertaining.

In to Hungary and the thermal spar’s were a joy to behold, as was the beer garden in the ruined building. Of all the stops so far Budapest was the hardest to leave after only one night stay. But plod on to the sea we must, and to be honest, if we stopped every time i fancied having more than a beer or 4 in a nice beer garden, we’d still be struggling somewhere in Bavaria.

Next into the Friendliest Country In The World, Croatia, for just one day and night. Can’t describe to you how nice the people are there and would definitely want to go back to Osijek to delve into the derelict site that acts as the clubbing centre for the site. Again the party will have to wait until we see the sea…

Now into Serbia, as I sit here its 35 degrees and we’ve just finished 3 days in this heat that were 150km,150km and 90km respectively. A mission out of Novi Sad in a 45 minute steep climb sweated out the beers from the night before without a problem. We arrived in ‘Sad on a Sunday night thinking most things would shut up shop and could not possibly be more wrong. I had to tear Anton away from donning his boogieing shoes around midnight as the party continued to rock on around us. The atmosphere was bouncing, I like Serbians.  Just about to hit Belgrade now and have no doubt forgotten a million things to write about but shall sign off now with a few final thoughts.

If either Tom or I ever end up travelling with you, prepare to faff. faff like you’ve never faffed before. We’ve now lost 2 of the maps we need (fortunately both on the last day we needed them, for the record, I blame Tom) and ritualistically misplace things delaying our progress. Some things never change and 4 years on from the last trip we still have inefficiency at heart.

And finally because we’ve been musing over this whilst the km fly by here a few songs inspired by the river flowing by


For when we’re lost : Find the River , REM

For when we find our way again: I Saw the Sign, Ace of Base

For when Tom drove the bike in to a pothole: Cry Me a River , Justin Timberlake

Getting the ferry on unpassable straights: The Riverboat Song, Ocean Colour Scene

Having a rant about the rubbish cycle paths: Told My Troubles to the River, Tom Mcrae


Temporary memory lapse means can’t remember any mroe but shall hopefully update again soon.

In a bit, a tantastic Woody


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