The Forest to the Sea

Silly in Slovakia

Yesterday we clocked over 1,000 kilometers and cruised over the Slovakian border. At least we think we cruised over it. We expected to see a sign or a flag but all we got is an old iron gate painted blue with rust spots. The language on the sign posts changed to Slovak though and we passed Bratislava so we must be here.

The path was filled with other cyclists and in-line skaters just past the capital city and followed a grassy treed area for quite some time. Just a few kilometers from our planned lunch stop we passed a blue lake with many an old Slovakian naked person. The far too tanned bodies didn’t deter us and we took our lunch stop early, going for our first swim on a day that was quickly getting to hot. We had our usual affair of bread, spreads and candy bars for lunch and zipped on down to the next town where we chose to go left to stay in Slovakia rather than cross into Hungary. The path climbed up to the riverside where the Danube had grown to the size of a massive lake where the other side only had a thin sliver of land before blending into the horizon. We rode alongside the south dike above the passing towns for about 25 kilometers.

I was joined by Werner for most of my ride. He was an older cycling enthusiast who had completed Donaueschingen to Vienna a few years back and was doing Vienna to Sulina this year. We talked the entire ride and I picked up some tips on wild dogs that come running out of ruins in Serbia and how to get my bicycle to Bucharest at the end of the trip. At the dam where Hot Bond and Megahead waited, we were reduced to rather pathetic normal beings in the pantheon of super cyclers when Werner told us a friend of his cycled from Cairo to Cape Town and as if that was not enough he later did Ulm to Beijing– or 19,000 kilometers.

After some discussion on where to stay the night, we elected to just check out the nearby Gabcíkovo, a small town with far too cheap 10% beers that laughed us in absolute giggles at the end of the night. I’m not even sure what we were talking about but all of us were splitting our sides with tears in our eyes, laughing before we fell asleep.

Ezra Anton


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