The Forest to the Sea

Canoes, barbecues and radlers

Our first beer garden stop that included all three of us came about 9 klicks before finishing out first day of riding in Sigmarigen. After a day of cycling the valley floor of a forested limestone canyon cut by the Danube– truly European with castles atop the most picturesque cliffs– we crossed a bridge for radlers at a stop just on the other side of the Danube.

Woody ordered us three of the snake sounding drinks. I’d never heard of such a thing but it was meant to be quite refreshing: a mixture of beer and soda pop. Strange sounding like a mixture of too much carbonation. Ours was a lemon lime pop with a bit of beer. The drink quenched the thirst quick and lived up to it’s early afternoon hype.

The youth we’d seen canoeing down the river throughout the day, yelling at us not to take photos and wishing to trade modes of transportation seemed to be disembarking at the beer garden.

They’d paddle up to the shore, pull their canoes out of the water onto the grassy embankments and get a sausage from the waitress to put on the big barbecue underneath a wooden gazebo. Every so often the waitress would stoke the fire and add another log to the flame. The kids were childish as expected, giggling, teasing each other and monkey housing.

We quite enjoyed the first drink by the river and felt ready for the last push of our first day when we sipped up our last drop. I even continued imbibing such stuff with a twist last night in Ulm with a cola-weissen: a mixture of Coca-Cola and hefeweissen beer. As bad looking as it sounds but very tasty.

Ezra Anton


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