The Forest to the Sea

Bavarian beers and the approaching arse apocalypse

As I sit hit typing with an arse that has started to gain the red raw shades of an over ripe nectarine I can’t eulogise enough about the benefits of cycling shorts. A gift from the Gods for sure (or Chris  and Lucy Thorne, many thanks!), they will surely prevent the aforementioned apocalypse from happening.

Getting to the start line was all relatively straight forward and the annoyance of having to spend an hour finding the Eurocar BatCave, I mean car returns place, underneath the station was subsided by a pretty smile on the other side of the reception. Akin to a babys first steps the tandem wobbled a little from side to side before increasing confidence has meant we’re firmly pushing in the same direction and getting up some rocking speeds.

So far the ride has been a blast as we’ve been winding our way through the south of Germany hugging the Danube as she grows in size and stature only devaiting from its path as the roads (or more likely) beer garden dictates. As ever for a venture involving Tom and Woody things never run quite to plan and this trip has been no exception. Aside from a  few flat tyres, little to grumble about on the bike front until Tom (head driver, gear changer and break-master extrodanaire) decide to go pot-hole surfing down a particulaly hazardous street. The back wheel had more bends than Danube itself and was un-salvagable. Nightmare scenario. Fortunately if one is to dive head first down a large hole on a bike no better place to partake in such an activity than 50m from a very large bike store. One new wheel later the boys were back on the road hot on the tails of Anton who had sped on ahead not knowing our fate. We made the 150km that day with enough time to spare to nip to a few choice beer gardens and sample the local brews.

As last time across the UK we are attempting to find the nicest beer garden on route and have been treated to a couple of stormers so far. Personal highlights including a never ending BBQ cum beer garden on the banks of the Danube and a monastary that brewed its own beer at Kloster Weltenberg. Nice.

To say the least the scenery is breath taking and we’re all starting to look a little tan-tastic from the top-notch weather so far. As a final note it’s (all being well) our last day in Germany tomorrow, the friendliness of the locals has been absolutely brilliant. From helpful strangers pointing us in the directions of bike shops and putting up with my pigeon German and the lovely frauleins who’ve taken a break from tending their garden to fill our water bottles (a man in lycra and a cheeky smile  gets you anywhere 🙂  ) not had a bad one yet.

Will blog again soon, all for now!





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  1. Glad to hear your arse is ok jonny

    July 28, 2011 at 19:32

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