The Forest to the Sea

Leaving Donaueschingen

The bright morning light shined through the balcony windows, waking us up bright and early. We yanked our tight black cycling shorts up our legs, Tom baring all his glory in denying to wear athletic shorts over the top. “Hot Bond” was born, a cycling super hero by day and a beer garden connoisseur by night.

Elastics still digging their first imprints into our thighs, our friendly hostess climbed the trophy hunting stairs with a serving tray full of tea, coffee, meats, cheeses and rolls for our first fueling before taking on the river. We ate with the bright sunlight shining over us in the absolutely fabulous room, laughing with anticipation to get on the road.

The road felt great as we coasted down our first hill, the air incredibly chilly. Our first bit of steady ground came and Woody was yelling at Tom to stop. Some clinking and clambering he heard. Self-trained mechanical skills kicked in and he got the screw driver out to make some adjustments to the rear derailer. Like I said earlier, only the slightest set backs. We rode on through the centre of Donaueschingen, up to the palace aside the headwaters of the Donaus!

The bikes needed a carrying down the stairs to the sunken spring: a turquoise emerald pool with bubbles floating up from the sands and vegetation below. A neoclassical statue of curvy goddesses and a baby looked over the spring. The signage: “Bis zum Meere 2840 Kilometer” and “Uber dem Meere 678 Meter.” No problemo! We climbed those stairs and started to make it all disappear.


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