The Forest to the Sea

Arriving in Donaueschingen

Taxidermied ferrets and a fox with glasses hung from the walls of the bed and breakfast’s anteroom. I walked up the staircase, winding between more hunting trophies before reaching the third floor of the Placement Schubert. I barely managed to get the window open and take a look at the ruddy red roofed houses disappearing into the green hills in the distance when I heard the door buzzer followed by Tom’s voice below.

We all exchanged salutations and sighs of relief and excitement for all arriving in Donaueschingen with our bicycles. Getting Tarantino pieced together doubled the excitement and then Woody was off to return the car (on a ridiculously long journey) in Stuttgart.

Tom and I caught up while testing the small selection of eateries and watering holes open on a Sunday evening in the small town. Just before midnight, we met up with Woody again and hiked up the hill to the b&b where we quickly fell asleep for our first days ride.

We’ve not been having much luck finding computers but will try to update more about our first couple days ride this evening and post photos when we can! We have made it to Ulm thus far with only very minor set backs!

Ezra Anton


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