The Forest to the Sea

The 25th Draws Near!

I’m down to my last few hours in Canada. Everything is packed and ready to go (I hope).

The last few weeks have served to rally worries. What if my bike doesn’t make it to Europe? What if something breaks? What if it’s as hot in Europe as it has been in Canada (sweltering in the 30s with humidexes making it feel like 40 in some places)? What if I am no where in shape to do 120 km per day, especially after being unable to do much exercise in the last three weeks? A little gut surely is forming and my arms have flabbed out I’m sure!

Despite the thoughts of what could go wrong, I’ve managed to do everything that I can think of to make sure things go right. I’ll breath easy when I arrive in Germany and happily put my bicycle together. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be seeing Tom and Woody in a short few days, and we’ll be riding on Monday. I imagine my good friendship with Tom will grow even closer, and I’ll definitely form a bond with Woody that has always had potential but never time to develop due to only hanging out a couple times in life.

This adventure is unlike anything I have ever attempted which stimulates both fear of the unknown and extreme excitement that has my brain bouncing like crazed electrons with thoughts of what I might see and accomplish. I have been extremely proud of the fundraiser that we are doing with this and cannot wait to make the push to reach both our riding and fundraising goals!

Well, my plane leaves in a few hours and I’m off to the airport! Wish me and the boys luck!

Ezra Anton


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