The Forest to the Sea

It’s All Down Hill from Here!

Well not for us three riders. We got all sorts of terrain to navigate yet. The Black to Black Fundraiser on the other hand has been a strong success so far! We’re just two weeks from spinning out of Donaueschingen and have already raised $1,636 of our $3,000 pledge. That puts us at 55%, meaning we have to ride to at least Novi Sad, Serbia if we ride a klick per buck.

Thank you very much to all those who have contributed so far. We have had contributions come in from far reaching corners of the world. Tom has been busy collecting funds from his students, fellow teachers and football mates in Austria and raised a very healthy sum of donations. 50/50 draw and volleyball tournament winnings have been contributed to the cause from Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic. Plus, there have been individual contributions coming in from people all over the world at a steady pace. As always, every little bit is appreciated and everyone living with pulmonary fibrosis will hopefully have a chance to get better with your help!

Let’s keep the drive going and cruise on towards $3,000, and, if we reach our target quickly, we can keep on cruising to see how much money we can raise for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. If you want to know more about our fundraiser, head on over to this page to read about the cause, why you should contribute and how to contribute. If you’re ready to contribute, please do so at our Crowdrise fundraising page.


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