The Forest to the Sea

Ezra or Anton?

What are these two names Ezra and Anton scattered throughout the posts in this blog? Why is it Ezra sometimes and Anton at others? Does he do it to feel like a second tandem duo for those days he’s lagging behind Tom and Woody?

Let me clear up any confusion that might exist.

I grew up and was always known as Ezra. Named after the poet Ezra Pound. Not the prophet from the Old Testament. Or the Mormon president. The name served me well through childhood and my first years of university. I’ve always liked it’s uniqueness and ring.

I often pondered though about why we do not use our middle names if we have them. Anton seemed like a good name to me. I thought it was pretty cool to be named after my great grandpa, a sailor and longshoreman from Løkken, Denmark who immigrated to Washington State through a homesteading program in the Okanagan region. Yet, my middle name never got any use.  For kicks, I even thought about just introducing myself with it from time to time.

Then, I moved to Mexico. For a few days, I introduced myself as Ezra and I got quizzical looks and Esra repeated back to me. It just didn’t have that same zesty Z sound in the middle. Anton suddenly had the chance to make a rise. The final straw occurred when I met some Spaniards and heard Ethra. Anton was born. Like Antonio without the -io as I’d often say.

Tom first met me as Ezra but soon became accustomed to me being Anton. Woody also knows me as Anton. As do my friends from Mexico and all those who knew me when I lived there. Most everyone else knows me as Ezra. I quickly respond to both names and am accustomed to being called either/or. It’s a fungible mix.

So that’s pretty much it. I just chose to use both my names at different points in my life and will use them both here. Ezra and Anton are one and the same!

Now to complicate things further. What’s this deal about me being called both American and Canadian?

That’s pretty simple. I grew up in Utah in the United States and am fully American. I moved to British Columbia, Canada when I started university and have lived the majority of my adult life in B.C. Nowadays, I carry a permanent residency maple card in Canada and proudly call it my home. So to settle that confusion, I’m simply an American citizen living in Canada.


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